Perception: Seeing is Not Believing

Perception: Seeing is Not Believing

Experience the next evolution of humankind with the most groundbreaking and trending documentary of 2020.

The feature length documentary film "Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing" hits the ground running today making bold claims stating not only that we as a species will need to evolve to continue thriving, but that in order for this to occur, individuals will need to take responsibility for their own personal evolutions.

'Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing' is a remarkably well done and well researched documentary coming out of the rather new fields of Neuroscience and the study of perception, and well as evolutionary biology and the even newer science of epigenetics.

The film takes you on the parallel journeys of two people, looking deep into how their false perceptions of self, lead them to disastrous outcomes. At its heart 'Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing' is a movie about each of our own personal journeys. You are introduced gradually into the movies argument that how our lives turn out is determined by only a handful of key ideas, namely Perception, Emotion, and Evolution.

Over the 1 1/2 hour experience you are guided by various teachers who range from Neuroscientists to Online Influencers, who give real life examples and data on how to harness the power of these concepts.

"Perception: Seeing Is Not Believing" is available now on the video on demand service Powerful Universe, as well as Amazon, and currently holds a 5 Star rating.

Starring: Beau Lotto, Trent Shelton, Tom Bilyeu, Lilian Garcia, Henry Ammar, Kamrin Carver, Kyle Rathjen, Steph Purpura, James Purpura
Released: 2019
Run Time: 108 min
Genres: Special Interest, Science, Personal Development, Documentary

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Producers: Denver Robbins, G. Mitchell Johnson, Aaron Alviso Stephenson
Studio: Powerful U
Subtitles: English [CC]
Audio Languages: English
Format: Powerful Universe, Prime Video (streaming online video)
Devices: Available to watch on supported devices

Perception: Seeing is Not Believing

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